Pengwine Rockhopper Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Carménère


PengWine began with two friends from opposite ends of the American continent, Chris Milliken, from the U.S., and Max Eyzaguirre, from Chile. Their adventure started in 2004, when they hatched the idea and bottled their first vintage of 2003 PengWine. Since then, both men have chosen the best grapes from a boutique vineyard in Chile to create unique wines that you can enjoy without ever leaving your hometown.

PengWine wines are estate produced in the beautiful Maipo Valley, renowned for its red wines which are intense and complex with well structured tannins. Grapes are handpicked at the peak of their ripeness, during cool, late, Chilean summer evenings. They are then aged in the finest oak barrels available, which makes for complex and rich flavours that tickle the palate of even the most discriminating wine lover.

Chile is home to a wide variety of penguins, and to toast these land and sea-loving birds, each PengWine varietal is named after a different penguin native to this region.


Rockhopper penguins are renowned for their fiery, exotic plumage. PengWine Rockhopper is equally exotic and promises to be different than any wine you have ever tasted. A unique blend of robust Cabernet Sauvignon and exceptional Carmenere, Rockhopper hits earthy, bold notes and defies conventional wine categories. With each sip, Rockhopper’s flavor gains depth and complexity, constantly evolving into something new and exciting to tickle your palate. Part of Rockhopper’s unique flavor can be attributed to the Carmenere grapes, a variety long thought to be extinct, but recently rediscovered in Chile. Carmenere gives Rockhopper its spicy, earthy undertones and plays exquisitely off of the fruity texture of the Cabernet. Enjoy Rockhopper at a cocktail party as a complement to cheese and crackers or savory appetizers, allow it to bring complexity to a first course of grilled seafood, or savor it on its own for a special evening. Bring a bottle of Rockhopper to your next celebration and impress everyone with a blend that provides an uncommon and unparalleled flavor experience.

Price: Rp.330,000.00